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Chesterfield County (SC) Alumnae Chapter   Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
Joy in Our Sisterhood, Power in Our Voice, Service in Our Heart
Chapter Officers
Past Presidents
Loretta Streater McNeal 1999-2003 A graduate of Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC, and a member of the sorority since 1969, Soror McNeal served as the first president of the chapter. Under her leadership, the first new members of the chapter were initiated, and the first Jabberwock scholarship pageant and Christmas scholarship dance were held.
Patricia Burch Conway 2003-2007 A graduate of Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC, Soror Conway became a member of the sorority in 1976 through the Epsilon-Omega Chapter. She is a charter member of the Hartsville Alumnae Chapter and Chesterfield County Alumnae Chapter. As president of Chesterfield County Alumnae, Soror Conway ushered in chapter growth through two cycles of new initiations, oversaw the first Little Lady and Little Lord Pageant, and the Delta GEMS and Delta Academy programs were launched. She has two daughters who are also members of the sorority.
Cheryl D. Malloy 2007-2011 A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Soror Malloy has been a member of the sorority since 2000. During her tenure, Soror Malloy ushered in the first Community Empowerment Program and launched the EMBODI initiative (mentoring program for young men). Also during her terms were an inaugural book signing for a local author and an Art Auction. The chapter partnered with a local mentoring group, Boys to Men, to sponsor empowerment programs, EMBODI activities, and a Back to School event. In November 2008, the chapter published its first newsletter and, in May 2009, celebrated its 10th anniversary with the establishment and award of the Dorothy N. Arnold Scholarship. It was also during Soror Malloy’s tenure that the Amanda Streater Davis Scholarship Award was established.
Karen L. Wilkerson 2011-2015 A graduate of Savannah State University, Soror Wilkerson has been a member of the sorority since 1970. Under her leadership, emphasis was placed on enhancing the Delta GEMS program and ensuring the continuing success of the chapter’s ongoing public service initiatives.
Cynthia A. Streater 2015-2019 A graduate of Claflin University, Soror Streater was initiated into the Gamma Chi Chapter in November 1974. During her tenure as Chesterfield County Alumnae president, the chapter’s website was developed. Also, with Soror Streater’s initiative, the chapter was able to provide three $1,000 donations to HBCUs (Claflin University, Clinton College, and Morris College) in addition to the chapter’s annual scholarships to local high school seniors and North Eastern Technical School.
Clarice Blakeney, President Stacey Caudle, 1 st Vice President Jamie Miller, 2 nd Vice President/Chaplain Patricia B. Conway, Recording Secretary Cheryl D. Malloy, Financial Secretary Loretta S. McNeal, Treasurer Cynthia Streater, Sergeant-at-Arms Cynthia Streater, Chair-Audit Committee Takeda LeGrand, Chair-Nominating Committee Rose Blakeney, Chaplain